Seeking legal advice from EDONT
EDONT takes on a wide variety of legal matters and provides both advice and casework services to the public.

To request legal advice on an environmental or planning law issue, please call the EDONT office on (08) 8981 5883.


Advice must be requested by telephone and cannot be requested via email or Facebook.

EDONT has limited resourcing, so it is important that you seek legal advice early. 

In the first instance, we may refer you to our Factsheets on our website. We suggest you review the Factsheets that may be relevant to your matter before you seek our advice.

Where EDONT is in a position to provide you with initial telephone advice, this is free but capped at 15 minutes, so it is important that you are fully prepared before calling us.

Please also note:

  • EDONT cannot advise more than one client on the same issue, so if you are part of a community group, you will need to elect a representative to seek and receive advice on behalf of the group.

  • Advice can generally only be provided to the person it relates to. If you are seeking advice on behalf of someone else, we will need their written permission before providing it. 

Before getting in touch

You will need to be able to provide us with certain information before we can assist you: 

  1. your name, address and contact number

  2. the name and address of any other parties (e.g. the developer and/or the decision-maker)

  3. any relevant information relating to your matter, such as development application numbers, date and details of any decision you are unhappy with, letters from government agencies etc. 


Further assistance

In very limited circumstances, EDONT may be able to provide more detailed advice and/or representation.

We will apply the following guidelines in deciding whether we can provide this further assistance.

Guidelines for EDO NT providing legal representation

EDONT will consider acting for you if it is of the opinion the matter involves a public interest environmental issue.

In determining this, EDONT needs to be satisfied that the issue has significance beyond the material or financial interests of a particular individual or group and will also have regard to relevant matters, such as whether:

  • the issue involves a real threat to the environment; and/or

  • engagement in the issue has the capacity to result in good environmental outcomes; and/or

  • the issue concerns the manner in which the environment is regulated, now and into the future and across all areas of government; and/or

  • the issue raises matters regarding the interpretation and future administration of statutory provisions.


Having determined the matter is a public interest environmental issue, EDONT may act for you provided EDONT has the human and financial resources to properly act in the matter.

If the matter involves litigation, EDONT will need to be satisfied that:

  • the matter has reasonable prospects of success; and

  • there is utility or value in commencing proceedings.


In considering any application, EDONT will also have regard to the financial means available to the applicant.



If we are unable to provide you with initial advice or further assistance, EDONT will endeavour to refer you on to other sources that may be able to assist you. 

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