A Climate Change Act for the Northern Territory (9 October 2019)

Last month, the NT Government released its Climate Change Response, which is open for public comment until 31 October 2019. 

Although it includes some important commitments, much more work is required to ensure the Northern Territory has a robust climate change strategy that is consistent with the global commitments contained in the Paris Agreement and responds appropriately to the climate emergency.  

A Climate Change Act will be a critical way to deliver on some of the important ideas in the Climate Change Response. 

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A mine that can't be closed? The McArthur River Mine and regulatory failure in the Northern Territory (1 August 2019)

In the Australian Environment Review earlier this year, EDONT's Gillian Duggin and Kirsty Howey recently examined the significant challenges associated with the past and future regulation of the McArthur River Mine in the Gulf of Carpentaria. 


Originally published in Australian Environment Review, Vol 34 No 1, March 2019

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Hearing set to commence: legal challenge by Environment Centre NT to EPA and Pastoral Land Board on over 20,000 ha land clearing at Maryfield Station (5 December 2018) 

Environment Centre Northern Territory v Pastoral Land Board

Environment Centre Northern Territory v NT Environment Protection Authority (‘Maryfield litigation’)


In early 2018, the Environment Centre Northern Territory (ECNT), represented by the Environmental Defenders Office (NT)(EDONT), commenced proceedings challenging decisions of the NT Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and the Pastoral Land Board (PLB). Together, these decisions permit the clearing of over 20,000 ha of native vegetation at Maryfield Station, 200km south-east of Katherine.


This is the largest single land-clearing permit ever issued in the Northern Territory. ECNT is challenging the decision of the EPA to not require a formal environmental impact assessment of the proposed clearing and the subsequent decision of the PLB to allow the clearing to go ahead.

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An overview of the draft Environment Protection Bill and Regulations (23 November 2018) 

The NT Government is currently seeking public submissions on its new laws for environmental impact assessment in the Northern Territory – the draft Environment Protection Bill (draft Bill) and draft Environment Protection Regulations (draft Regulations) (together, draft EIA laws).  These laws are a 2016 election commitment.

EDONT’s view is that these reforms are long overdue and are very welcome. For this reason, the EDONT is strongly encouraging everyone to make a submission as it is the key way to have your voice heard about these vital new laws. This is a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to bring about transformational change to environmental protection in the Territory.

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Explainer: the new Environment Protection Bill, appeal rights and what it means for fracking (31 October 2018)

Yesterday, the NT Government backflipped on its inclusion of open standing for judicial review, and merits appeal rights, in its new Environment Protection Bill.

It made this decision before the wider community had the chance to have its say – submissions on the Bill do not close until 3 December.

This post explores what this means, particularly in the context of the NT Government’s commitments on fracking.

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